Monforte srl

Get it.
Sip it.
Love it.

Red is the wine

The Rosso Monforte is made exclusively for Monforte. It’s perfect with pasta and meat specialties.

The Ca d’Detin winery annually produces 330 bottles of Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C. for Monforte and its customers, with two years of aging and refinement in barrique.

Its ruby red nuance recalls the beauty of the most precious gems.
The gentle bouquet smells like a field full of colourful flowers on a sunny day in Spring.
Drinking it is like sliding on a velvet carpet or wearing the most exquisite silk.

But in the end… all that metters is that’s GOOD.


Designation of origin


Originally bottled by Pietro Benevelli, via San Giuseppe 14 in Monforte d’Alba near Cuneo.

L.LN 02/20 – Alc. 14% VOL
75 CL
Produced in Italy
(Contains sulfites)

The vineyard

Lying on the gentle hills of Cuneo, the rows look like a shimmering sea: light green in spring, emerald in summer, a thousand colors in autumn, brown in winter. They produce dark and juicy bunches that give birth to our Rosso Monforte.

A glass of wine

Rosso Monforte should be served at 16-18°C. It’s perfect with all traditional Langhe dishes: pasta with meat sauce, truffle dishes, roasts, grills and cheeses. To enhance its qualities, we recommend sipping it with a plate of tajarin with truffles.

Why Monforte?

Did you notice that our logo recalls the movement of the wine in a glass?

The sommelier says

It has a floral scent with a touch of little red fruits aroma. The refinement in barrique makes it full-bodied, with an elegant and sweet taste.

We love to give a bottle of Rosso Monforte to our Clients as a Christmas gift. For us it’s the perfect present: it can be served during the Christmas lunch together with meat dishes and add a bit more joy to the party.

Drinking it on New Year’s Eve, instead, is a good way to say goodbye to the current year and prepare the many other cheers for the new one.

So, it’s time to stop reading. Have you already drunk our Rosso Monforte?


Well, what are you waiting for? Go drink. Now!


But not enough. Come on! Have another glass. Cheers!


Oh, very good! Now you can start having fun. No wine, no party!


Maybe, it’s time for a break… but, good job!