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Let’s create today something lasting in the future

We find specific solutions for each Client. For this reason, we’ll engage you for all the duration of the project. Talk with us about your idea, make questions, give us feedbacks and together we’ll find out what you need.

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Some industries in which we worked

  • Banks
  • Food
  • Telephony
  • Services
  • Sport
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Public administration
  • Energy
  • Transports
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Insurance sector
  • Construction industry
  • Art
  • Education

Some example of our solutions

Logo of Jaqui

Imagine a digital showcase for your business, an e-commerce platform, a management for the definition of the offer, a system to manage orders and to communicate with your customers… Created in 2021, Jaqui is all this and more!


It is an online booking system created in 2017. It allows you to manage the entire booking process of your services. Fast, practical and customizable based on the needs related to your business, it is particularly suitable for all those services that require an intervention to evaluate requests.

Kit Social WiFi

One of our oldest tools. Social WiFi allows you to share your wifi network and get to know your customers better. Offer connection to your network: improve your visibility, increase ‘fans’ on your social pages and reach new customers.


Montrack is a 2016 system for attendance analysis and tracking visits within a space.
Thanks to the installation of one or more antennas, it measures the flow of entrances and tracks the movements of visitors in real time .


eTarget is a 2011 web-based multichannel application for management and sending of newsletters and SMS. It does not require specific graphic skills or the installation of software or hardware. It is a platform , secure and in compliance with the law, which allows the sending of large quantities of personalized messages, the collection and consultation of detailed reports and the management of the list of contacts.


Amuse you clients with our game born in 2018! To play you must have a Smartphone to view the controller and a PC or Tablet to view the track.

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