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eTarget is a web-based multichannel application for managing and sending newsletters and SMS. It does not require specific graphic skills or the installation of software or hardware. It is a safe platform and in compliance with the law, which allows the sending of large quantities of personalized messages, the collection and consultation of detailed reports and the management of the contact list.


eTarget guides you in creating your newsletter and ensures the high message delivery rate through spam filters. With eTarget you design and create your email in all its parts: graphics consistent with your company, text with links for subscriptions or unsubscriptions , statistical tracking code even on a geographical, efficacy test.

List management

With eTarget you can import up to millions of personal data without errors: the system excludes duplicate, invalid or unsubscribed names and extrapolate the addresses from any text. If you want, you can export the statistics.


Sending is secure and programmable and your email can also be read on mobile devices. The emails are sent from our servers and without a unit cost for each sending, but with a flat fee chosen by you.

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    You can consult and archive detailed reports to monitor the effectiveness of your mailings in real time. You can export and print all the elaborations and integrate them with CRM or external analytics / dataware house systems.
    Thanks to the reports you can find out, for example:

    • number of unique readers, openings, unique clickers and clicks
    • devices used to read the message
    • operating systems used to read the message
    • geographical position from which the user opens the email
    • details on the activity of individual users for at least 90 days with the possibility of extension
    • emails sent by date / hour / minute and by sending
    • emails delivered or not, forwarded
    • newsletter unsubscribe list
    • emails opened or clicked, in real time
    • users with message viewing problems
    • hidden readers who read and clicked the message without downloading the images
    • link tracking, ie the number of clicks on the links in the message
    • click tracking, i.e. which links were clicked and by whom
    • graphic map of the links to view the area that aroused the most interest
    • quality benchmarks related to your industry to compare, and possibly improve, the results of your communications.

    400 Graphic Models

    To compose your message, you can choose from 400 graphic templates of newsletters in different formats and color variations, easily usable without graphic skills. The templates are optimized for all types of email clients, including mobile phones and comply with all requirements to avoid being classified as spam. In addition, 27 registration forms that you can freely customize or link from external sites are included.

    Management of wrong emails

    With eTarget you monitor and manage errors. The Bounce system, integrated with the database and personal data , allows you to delete addresses that give systematic errors, to guarantee the reputation of your company. You can thus automatically manage email returns and keep lists clean.


    eTarget has already developed ad hoc integrations and our experience allows you to have fast answers , guaranteed by tested procedures and workflows. The flow includes automatic feeding of the eTarget database to avoid manual imports before each sending and the return of strategic information such as unsubscribes, incorrect emails, statistics.
    The service includes the release of parameters for integration with any type of system, portal or database:

    • FTP batch for bidirectional synchronization
    • standard API calls or web services
    • external post-operations called by eTarget.
    Example screenshot of eTarget