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Kit Social WiFi

Are you the owner of a restaurant or a business?

Share your wifi network and get to know your customers better.


Share your WiFi.

Offer WiFi connection to your network: improve your visibility, increase ‘fans’ on your social pages and reach new customers.

No registration, no password

Your customers quickly connect to your network with Facebook and Google.

Safety and security

With no bandwidth limits, you connect the WiFi device to your router and you have a personal private network and a public one for your customers.

Targeted promotions

A portal with access statistics allows you to get to know customers better and retain them with targeted messages and offers.


  • 100% safe. No legal responsibility for user traffic
  • Login page customized with your logo
  • No configuration required
  • WiFi device on loan for use and free replacement within 48 hours in case of breakdown
  • Immediate assistance and remote management


  • The service provides for a monthly fee including access point on loan for use and technical assistance

Customers talk to you: get to know them better and manage data.
With the new Store Analytics service, through one or more access points, it is possible to track all the electronic devices (capable of connecting to a wifi network) present in the room or shop.

For example, you can know:

  • how many people entered by day, by month or by time slot
  • the percentage of new or returning customers
  • how long they stay in your venue

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