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We periodically organize free courses , presentations and meetings on the opportunities offered by digital communication.
Opportunities for in-depth information on the news of the web and the mobile world.
Obviously in Monforte style: in front of a coffee, in the kitchen, around a large table.

Web marketing

How is it changing?

Keep up with the evolving world of web marketing. During our courses we will talk about new trends and strategies for your digital campaigns.

Is the era of Facebook done yet? Which are the rising touch points? Let’s find out which are the best solutions for today and what the future holds for us. Changes are just behind the corner!

SEM & Google Adwords

Discover how to advertise your brand through the Search Engine Marketing. We will see how to boost your lead generation with tools like Google Adwords and reach your conversion golas.

Focus on Google Analytics and the GDPR

Which will be the future of Google Analytics Universal?

Can UA still be used in the European Union? Are there alternatives to it? The answer is not easy in a situation that is rapidly transforming. Just have a look on how GDPR is changing our analytics habits.

The mobile world

Being mobile friendly is fundamental in a world where mobile phones are the most used tools. Here’s some cue on how optimize digital contents for the mobile world.

In the last meeting we talked about the opportunities that Web marketing and digital tools offer in the catering sector. During the meeting we simulated the user experience, from the restaurant search to the review left on social media, passing through the booking and assignment of the table.

For once we have taken on the role of the customer, to better understand his needs and what guides his choices, with the aim of directing the offer towards greater efficiency, promoting effective communication on new media and increasing turnover.


Working is a seriuos game! Let’s free our creative power through gamification strategies and make our projects more involving with some game logic.

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